Orthopedic Implants


Improved Functionality and Safety

Structural integrity, corrosion resistance and improved biological functionality are vital for orthopedic implants, as the human body can be a very hostile environment for foreign objects.

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) deposited coatings are ideal for orthopedic implants since they can be injected into even the most microscopic holes and cavities, delivering a uniform surface, even with the extreme aspect ratios of porous objects.

These coatings are a uniform fit for any shape and size, delivering improved tissue attachment to the implant, a longer lifetime and a higher reliability of the orthopedic implants. This may improve patient safety, and potentially reduce the need for additional corrective or replacement surgeries.

quote before ALD created a competitive advantage for our products in the medical implant market. We see the significance in the development of new types of surfaces increasing the properties of implant osseointegration, as well as creating corrosion resistant coatings for medical instruments. We plan to expand our use of ALD for coating of wide range of new implants and instruments in the future. quote after
Evgeniy Kozlov
Executive Director, Conmet