ALD is a perfect coating solution for optics and display manufacturing since it is functional even on a nanoscopic scale.

Unbeatable Film Quality

There has been a marked increase in commercial demand for handheld and wall-mounted display devices, as well as for integrated screen technology in the automotive, aerospace and medical industries. Enabling these devices requires a thin film coating method that delivers precision thickness, 3D conformality and the option to tailor the optical material properties of the film.

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is an ideal coating solution for optics and display manufacturing since it can be utilized for moisture barriers and insulators, phosphor layers, antireflection, wave guides, optical filters, and tuning of colors.

Our ALD processes offer excellent uniformity, thickness control, particle performance, and film quality for the most demanding applications such as flexible films for passivation to antireflective or black layers. Metals, oxides and nitrides are deposited in our fast batch systems with superior uniformity over a large area. Low-temperature processing of pinhole-free films ensures outstanding moisture and oxygen barrier properties even on organic substrates.