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Inventing the Next Breakthrough in ALD Technology Together

We are taking atomic layer deposition (ALD) where it has never been before, enabling a new generation of innovative solutions. In addition to collaborating closely with our customers, we collaborate with the world’s top universities and research institutes and participate actively in international research programs. Today, ALD technology is developed for many applications such as remote healthcare and safer medical devices, smart power and sustainable industrial manufacturing, and next generation computing, mobile communications and data transfer.

ALD Film Quality and Operational Flexibility

Applied Picosun R-series ALD tools are market leaders in R&D ALD systems. Users of these tools may work in research as well as new product development on a wide variety of applications, from semiconductor devices to flexible electronics, quantum computing, future lighting solutions, sustainable energy production, advanced pharmaceuticals and aerospace engineering.

The beauty of Applied Picosun systems is their common core design, which makes results achieved in the R-series tools easy to scale to production systems. The R-series tools produce high quality ALD films with maximum operational flexibility. The reactors are reliable and easy to use with a long service life.

R-series tools can be fitted with plasma and ozone sources, precursor sources for solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals, as well as several in situ analysis equipment such as an ellipsometer, RGA and QCM. Their interchangeable reaction chambers enable deposition on single wafers, non-wafer 3D objects, and even powdery substances all within the same reactor frame.

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