Electronic Implantable or Wearable Medical Devices

Electronic Implants

Maximized Biocompatibility and Corrosion Resistance

As electronic medical devices are used in sensitive areas of the human body, like the brain, spine, or heart, it is essential for these implants to have a pinhole-free barrier around them to prevent leaking, inflammatory reactions and electronic interference.

With atomic layer deposition (ALD) coating you can minimize the device size and insulate electro-active implants such as cardiac pacemakers with a coating that fits seamlessly around the device without bulky metal casings. The pinhole-free barrier ensures that the implant can function longer and perform better.

Next Generation Electronic Medical Devices

Opportunities in development today that may be impacted by ALD solutions include:

  • Prolonged implant lifetime
  • Miniaturization of electronic implants
  • Enhanced patient safety
  • Brain-machine-interfaces
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Fewer corrective surgeries